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Venture Round, 2021

Ross Paquette

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London, England

  • Agentless
  • Multilingual
  • Contact Center

ybot simulates millions of agents in 6,000+ languages.

Automate up to 90% of calls and save up to 82.5% of costs annually, guaranteed.

Core Features:
* Integrates with most Cloud IVR, ERP and CRM systems
* Deflects callers to self-solve their problems
* Detects customer and intent and connects their details
* Can scale to handle millions of calls
* Optimized for accessibility

* Up to 100% improved customer experience
* Up to 99% reduction of call wait times
* Up to 97% reduction of case handling costs
* Up to 91% reduction for non-user call wait times
* Up to 75% improved agent job satisfaction
* 0% dependency on internal technical competency


Successful investment is managing risk, not avoiding them.

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