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Returnmates was founded by two friends who were frustrated with their online shopping experiences due to the hassle of online returns. One day, after a 45 minute trip to the post office, they wondered “why don’t we just pick up everyone’s returns?”. The light bulb went off. They called their friends — they all had the same problem. 48 hours later, Returnmates was born.

Essentially, the process has been left out to dry. You can click a button and a package will magically appear at your door, but as soon as you decide you want to send it back, the hoops and hurdles ensue. Printing labels, driving to the post office, packaging up your items — need we say more?

Returnmates’ mission is to make returns as seamless as the purchase. With just a few clicks, Returnmates cuts out the most stressful part of online returns — having to leave your home. As a result, online shoppers are able to remove the inevitable uncertainty surrounding their purchases.


Successful investment is managing risk, not avoiding them.

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