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Venture Round, 2021

Ross Paquette

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Malmö, Sweden

We are on a mission to change the way we explore and play in any body of water. We are ready to bring the dream of surfing to the people. Radinn provides the most exciting and reliable electric jetboards on the market today, or electric surfboards as many choose to call them. We offer three board models, each with its own characteristics. And together with market leading battery technology and mind-blowing water jets, you can configure your dream board just the way you want it. We are P.U.R.E! PURE is an acronym for our values, but also easily connected to the world we act and live in – water. Pure is the water we want to experience and the ride we want to face. Pure is the way we want to act in our company and to our partners and customers. Pure is a trick well performed. Pure is a new ride in an exciting water. Pure is our energy to bringing the best experience on a jetboard to our customers. Passionate! Unity! Radical! Entrepreneurial spirit!


Successful investment is managing risk, not avoiding them.

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