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Our mission is simple: we want to ensure that independent e-commerce stores have access to the same revenue optimization tools that power the growth and profitability of companies like Amazon, Southwest, and Uber.

Pricing matters, and it’s not easy to get right. Pricing is multi-dimensional, and if your ecommerce company doesn’t have a team of data analysts in the back room moving the dials, running constant tests, and using data to generate rapid insights, you’re leaving money (and profit) on the table.

We create outstanding pricing intelligence and business outcomes for e-commerce stores.

As the founders of Intelligems, we found our “why” early. We met on the growth team at Via Transportation, a ridesharing company based in NYC, and were given the side job of “figuring out pricing.” All rides were priced at $5. Everywhere, all the time.


Successful investment is managing risk, not avoiding them.

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